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Stacy Hund, PT, DPT, CSCS
Certified Pilates Instructor

In 2004 Stacy received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, with research focusing on the effects of eccentric exercise on the immune response. During school she practiced at Baylor Medical Center, the Spain Rehabilitation Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the Emory Spine Institute. Stacy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Texas A&M University.

Stacy joined ICE Sports Health Group in New York City in 2005, treating exclusively one patient per hour and working with a wide variety of clients. Later that year she opened a practice for ICE Sports Health Group at the Sports Club/L.A in Washington, D.C. serving as director of the facility for over two years.

In October 2007 she launched SET Sports Physical Therapy in downtown Washington, D.C. In 2009 Stacy opened the Atlanta, Georgia office of SET Sports Physical Therapy and in 2012 moved the business into the current location at Ozone Fitness in Smyrna, Georgia. She continues to serve as owner of the Washington D.C. practice.

Stacy specializes in sports medicine and orthopedics with a concentration in manual therapy. She is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialty), and continues to study manual therapy through the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy and the Institute of Physical Art. She is trained in movement assessment and believes that it is important to assess and treat the whole person, not just the symptoms or injury. She is committed to working with the individual and enjoys treating patients one-on-one to optimize results by decreasing pain and improving functional performance.

Stacy is qualified to perform Trigger Point Dry Needling and is a certified Pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates and the Pilates Method Alliance). She enjoys incorporating Pilates into the physical therapy treatments because it is an approach to healing grounded in the moving body.

Stacy has served as the team physical therapist for the Washington Kastles, a pro tennis franchise based in Washington, D.C. participating in the Advanta World Team Tennis league. SET D.C. continues to serve the Kastles as part of the medical team.

Stacy is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Orthopaedic Section, Private Practice Section and a member of the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia.

Stacy was born in Dallas, Texas and moved to Georgia in 2001 to attend Emory University. She has enjoyed living in several cities throughout her career including New York City and Washington DC. She is married to Brenton Hund and they have one son, Liam. She enjoys running, hiking, pilates, and snow skiing in Colorado.


"A few years ago I unfortunately sustained two injuries to my right leg within 3 months: one related to my foot, and one related to my knee. I went to an orthopedist each time, and physical therapy was never suggested. I was lucky enough to heal without surgery, but my mobility and strength were both compromised. I had always been pretty active, but these injuries had me in pain performing even the most rudimentary tasks: walking up and down stairs, for instance. I made the conscious decision to somehow get "back to normal." At the same time SET Physical Therapy opened at my health club, and I was lucky enough to meet Stacy Stebbins Hund. She began treating my injuries and helping me rehabilitate my leg. Within about 6 months, my mobility and leg strength were back to near normal. Thanks to her, I am able to fully enjoy all the physical activities in which I participated prior to my injuries: biking, walking, hiking, jogging, tennis. I continue to see Stacy periodically whenever I have issues with my leg/foot. I have complete trust in her professional abilities, and I feel beyond fortunate to have her as my Physical Therapist!"

"Having been to numerous physical therapists over the years for various issues, I consider myself most fortunate to have been under the care of Stacy Hund for treatment of lower back pain. Stacy’s recommended course of treatment is not the “cookie cutter” version received at other PT facilities. Her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is second to none and she customizes each patient’s sessions through dry needling, soft tissue work, and/or exercise. She works muscle by muscle, disc by disc, and joint by joint to resolve the underlying cause of discomfort and restore quality of life. Stacy thinks “outside the box” to get to the core of the problem and is never at a loss for new things to try if something isn’t working well enough. Because of my sessions with her, the mechanical issues with my lower back have been resolved and I am now able to resume a variety of exercises. Not only is Stacy the most skilled and knowledgeable PT I have been treated by, she is also the most compassionate and dedicated. I am confident she will improve one’s mobility and function and that one will also miss seeing her when released from treatment. If an issue is able to be corrected non-surgically, Stacy will figure out a way to do so."

"In 2003, I began to experience debilitating migraine headaches, often up to 20 times per month. I saw several neurologists, tried various prescription drugs, removed all potential triggers from my diet and still no sustainable relief.

My stepmom saw an article about a headache clinic in Chicago and I decided to make the trip. After a 5 minute examination, the neurologist said he thought my migraines were related to issues caused in my neck and upper back by my scoliosis. I had been diagnosed 30 years ago with scoliosis with the largest curve measuring 40 degrees. I had worn a brace until I stopped growing but hadn’t had any issues during my adult life, or so I thought.

The Chicago neurologist suggested physical therapy and pilates. I found Stacy Hund of SET Therapy via my athletic club and have been seeing her for almost 2 years.

Stacy took an immediate interest in not only trying to relieve my pain but also helping me to have better “body awareness” so I could recognize the muscular triggers of my headaches. She even attended a continuing education course focused on the use of pilates for scoliosis and brought back some props that I use every time I exercise.

Stacy explained that it’s more likely that the pain I feel in my neck and upper back is caused by constricted muscles on the opposite side of my body. She showed me how to ease the tension in these muscles and taught me exercises and stretches that I can do to elongate my shortened muscles to prevent them from tightening up.

Stacy is very patient and is able to motivate you to do exercises that may be time consuming and sometimes painful but will result in a better quality of life. I completely trust Stacy and have recommended her to several friends, family members, and coworkers.

My monthly migraine toll is down to just a few each month and the pain is much more manageable and as an added bonus, the winging of my shoulder caused from the scoliosis is less noticeable.

I would recommend Stacy to anyone who is suffering and looking for a long-term fix. You must be willing to put in the time required and to accept that the program she teaches you may be for the rest of your life. I only wish that I had known 20 years ago how specific exercises modified for my scoliosis would not only make for a prettier back but also prevent a decade of headaches."

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